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Expect Great Representation

Merriam-Webster defines Representation:

The action or fact of One Person standing for Another/Many so as to have the rights and obligations of the Person/People Represented.

One Person Standing for Many is precisely why I am running for Town Council!  As a resident of Braselton for over 20 years, I have witnessed both good growth and bad growth in District 3 as well as Braselton as a whole.


My goals and intentions:

  • Ensure High Standards for Residential Development

For example: While serving as Chairman of the Braselton Planning Commission, I listened to residents of Del-Webb Chateau Elan and residents of Chateau Elan to ensure great representation.  In the spring of 2023, Pulte wanted to expand Del Webb CE into undevelopled land in and around the Chateau Elan Woodlands Golf Course.  I made a motion, which was approved, to deny the Pulte application because it would not follow Braselton's Development Code.

When the Pulte application went before the Braselton Town Council, residents presented the same concerns about home values, traffic and security.  In contrast to my approach of listening and serving, Councilman Joedecke (incumbent) degraded the residents' concerns and disregarded evidence presented.

* Now - tellingly - Joedecke claims: "All projects should help to enhance property values." (Braselton News, Interview)   Joedecke also runs an advertisement claiming a focus on housing that "Attracts Medical and Young Professionals." (Braselton News) 


Where was that focus with the Pulte application?

Even more telling - Joedecke voted against (June 14, 2022) amendments to Braselton's Development Code that ensure higher standards for any multi-family / apartments application in Braselton.

  • Promote Proper Zoning for Commercial and Residential Co-Existence

For example: In my own backyard, I used drone-video footage to demonstrate incompatibility.  Before the Town Council, I challenged a commercial developer's plan to build a putt-putt course and batting cage adjacent to our home.  My production skills were lauded as the "best presentation ever" before the Council.

  • Limit Convenience Based Businesses, such as: Car Washes, Gas Stations, and Repair Shops

For example: While serving on Braselton's Planning Commission, I initiated an effort with Mayor Ward and the Town Planning Director to make any business of this type apply for a conditional use permit.  Without this amendment to the Braselton Development Code, Braselton West did not have the same protections as those offered under the Hwy 211 overlay.  Now, all of Braselton is protected from this type of development as a matter of right.

  • Building Productive Relationships with Hall County

For example: Mayor Ward and I met with Hall County Commissioners to discuss Comprehensive Planning in South Hall and Braselton West.  If allowed, I look forward to furthering those discussions on your behalf.

When I qualified to run for District 3, I was required to step down from the Braselton Planning Commission.  I miss that opportunity to listen and serve.  But, you have a chance to put me back to work for you.

I ask for your vote, so I can continue to provide Great Representation!

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